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Welcome to Positive Edge Coaching & Consulting

Moving Toward Well-Being for Individuals & Organizations

Positive Edge Coaching is the life coaching and well-being consulting practice of Cliff Smyth.

Positive Edge Coaching offers coaching to help you:

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  • identify and achieve/move toward your life and work goals
  • find better life-work balance
  • learn and use mind-body approaches that help you deal with stress and increase satisfaction
  • enhance health and well-being, develop healthy new life and work patterns
  • develop awareness of your core strengths, discover what brings happiness and meaning in your life.


  • We use approaches, assessment tools and practices from the new field of positive psychology
  • Because coaching is a positive approach to discovering what direction you want to go in and how you can move in that direction
  • Because it is possible to develop a new and stronger positive self-image that will serve you in all aspects of your life.


  • It is at our edge that learning occurs - building on your strengths and moving into new possibilities for action in your life
  • Push beyond the edges that currently limit your vision for yourself!

Coaching & Consultation

positive smiling business woman on streeetCoaching is a process that provides you with practices, insights and support to move in the direction you would like to go. I also provide consultation for individuals and organizations on mind-body approaches to well-being. Look around the site to read more about coaching and what I offer. Contact me for a consultation or to see if Postive Edge Coaching is right fit for you or your organization.


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