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young man coaching clientWorking with Individuals

I offer two main services for individuals - Individual life coaching and Wellness coaching using mind-body approached

Individual Life Coaching

I offer life coaching for individuals dealing with a range of life/work challenges and people wanting to take a positive new direction in their life. The process involves clarifying your conerns, identifying your vision, discovering your strenghts and helping you discover your own way to move forward. My role is as a listener, supporter and advocate for you and your goals. I help you identify and go beyond obstacles.

Life coaching sessions take place in person or by telephone. See a full list of services and monthly packages.

Your information is completely confidential with me as your coach. At each session we review how the process is going and fine tune it to meet your chaning needs.

I welcome you to read more about the coaching process and my approach. Please contact me with any questions or talk with me about whether coaching is for you.


Wellness Coaching using Mind-body Approaches to Well-being

woman doing Feldenkrais arm exerciseI work with a range of people on a variety of issues for which approaches integrating mind and body may of help. There are many issues - dealing with stress or pain, being more creative in adopting healthier mental and emotional habits, etc. There are many mind-body approaches to choose from: meditation, movement and awareness disciplines, journaling, happiness exercises from positive psychology, physical exercise of all sorts, etc. I work with you to help you identify your needs and explore what approaches would be best for you.

For some there is the challenge of finding ways to establish new practices in their life. I can help you identify the barriers and ways to incorporate practices into your day-to-day activities.

Wellness coaching sessions take place in person or by telephone. See a full list of services and monthly packages.

Please contact me if you have any questions or your would like to make an appointment.


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