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Packages & Pricing

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Monthly Life Coaching Packages

Package 1: Up to four face-to-face meetings per month, plus phone and email support as needed: $300 per month.

Package 2: Initial face-to-face meeting, then up to 3 hours per month of either face-to-face or phone meetings in the first month; 4 hours of either face-to-face meetings or phone meetings in subsequent months. Plus phone and email support as needed. $300 per month.

Package 3: Up to two face-to-face or phone meetings per month, plus email support as needed: $200 per month.

Note: Initial face to face-to-face meeting usually take 1.5 hours and are included in the package. Regular face-to-face meetings are 1 hour. Regular phone meetings are 30 minutes. Pauses during packages for trips, vacations, etc. can be arranged.

We will negotiate what your needs and availability are at the beginning of each month and each session. Phone or email support: If something comes up in your process for which you need support, someone to be accountable to, etc. to help you keep on track, then I offer additional brief consultation by phone and/or email, depending on the package.

Free follow-up: Work with me for 3 months and get a free half-hour follow-up session three months after we finish meeting regularly to check in on and help you keep moving forward.

Wellness Coaching using Mind-body Approaches to Well-being

These are done on a sessional basis. These sessions are one hour in length, and are $90 per session, or as a pre-paid package for five sessions for $400.

Please contact me if you have any questions about fees and packages, or any other questions.

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